Franchise Services

With over 25 years of experience in franchising, BizLaw offers the complete legal solution for franchising companies large and small – from the start-up to the experienced franchisor.

Franchise BizBizLaw is dedicated to helping franchisors and franchisees deal with the many aspects of franchise law. We pride ourselves on offering in-depth and comprehensive franchise representation to clients in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Central Florida, South Florida and throughout Florida and beyond.

Below is some information on the types of franchise services that we offer to our business and individual clients. For additional information that may apply to your specific situation, contact our firm to schedule a consultation with our experienced franchise lawyer.

Start-Up Franchisor Services

One way to expand your business and increase revenue may be to start franchising your business. We strive to help business owners understand how to move through the franchising process and provide information to help them avoid pitfalls in order to make their franchise as successful as possible.

Existing Franchisor Services

Working closely with business owners who have franchised their businesses, we provide experienced guidance through all of the rules and regulations that pertain to franchising. Our firm can manage the process of creating and maintaining franchising documents, as well as acting as counsel to deal with all types of franchise issues that may arise throughout the life of the franchise.

Buying a Franchise

It is essential that when you are considering buying a franchise, you have the advice and input of experienced franchise counsel. We can also help you understand your rights and responsibilities throughout the term of the franchise and help you to transition out of a franchise or resolve a franchise dispute. Forewarned is forearmed.

Franchise FAQ

We have also provided a number of frequently asked questions about franchise law for our clients to get a better understanding of some of the issues that they may encounter. However, this is not intended as a comprehensive discussion of the topics, and we are happy to answer any other questions pertaining to your unique circumstances.