Existing Franchisor Services

BizLaw provides clients with comprehensive representation in all types of franchising issues, including experienced franchisors. We provide a full range of services from drafting to state registrations to dispute resolution. We have over 25 years experience managing franchisor documentation requirements under federal and states laws.

For the Existing Franchisor:

Having already converted your business model to a franchise format, you are familiar with the myriad constraints and requirements of franchising. BizLaw can help you manage your disclosure, compliance, and franchisee management systems or bring those functions “in-house.”

Our experienced professionals can provide you with the advice and assistance to continue the ongoing management of your franchise. Among our many franchisor services, we offer legal assistance with the following:

• Franchise/license/development agreements
• Franchisee rights
• Renewal or transfer
• Franchise offering circulars with ancillary documentation
• Customized documentation for state-specific requirements
• Franchise registrations in applicable states
• Annual updating
• Registration management
• Compliance programs

• Training programs
• International franchising
• Risk disclosure documents
• Business contract review
• Franchise agreements
• Cure periods
• Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
• Sell a franchise
• Franchise solutions

As a franchise owner you have to maintain your FDD and related documents in accordance with FTC and applicable state rules. We can help you to ensure that you comply with these procedures. We can also assist you with contract modifications, disclosure documents, and risk analysis for your franchise.

Our attorneys and support staff will maintain the disclosure documents in compliance with federal rules and applicable state and other jurisdictional rules, including foreign countries. We will protect your business by assuring compliance with all applicable rules and regulations on an ongoing basis.

Contact BizLaw for more information about your specific existing franchisor issues. We would be happy to assist you.